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About Beechworth Excavations

Excavator Hire, Excavation Services and Heavy Haulage

Decades of experience in Victoria working on excavation and haulage.

We've been providing exacavator hire, excavation and general earthworks services across South-West of New South Wales since 2013, with the main operator and director Ronnie Elliott carrying over 30 years of experience. He can operate any 12 to 36-tonne excavator and has driving experience in general uses, with a strong knowledge of logging and truck driving. He's been working in North-East Victoria for decades and is experienced in excavation and haulage in places from Wodonga, Albury, and Wangaratta across the region to Golbourn.

Ronnie and partner Ranee Wilkinson bring an efficient service with reliable and well-maintained 14T Volvo excavator and low loader, bringing all equipment along with the operator to each job. Ronnie Elliott's extensive experience in providing excavation services, both locally and interstate, place him has the perfect driver behind a company who can take on all kinds of jobs.

Whether it's drainage, roadworks, hardwood logging, or private earthworks, Beechworth Excavations are able to provide a skilled operator working with fully insured and maintained machinery. Our fleet of road trucks are kept in great condition and our range of earth moving equipment are fit for the purpose. One of the most effective machines in our fleet is our excavator. So feel free to contact us if only to find out more information on whether it could suit the job you have.

Past projects we've carried out include the freight of sculptures and earthworks, log truck driving and many more drainage, road works, and general earthworks jobs both private and commercial. Our flexibility and efficiency mean we're able to take on projects up to 400km from Beechworth and across North-East Victoria and South-West of New South Wales. We're happy also to take on longer-term projects more or less anywhere but often operate around Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, and Goulbourn. 

To see if Beechworth Excavations can meet your requirements, call us today and make a free enquiry. Our wide range of experience in our skilled and professional operators means that we are confident of fulfilling every project to the highest standard.

RC Elliott Excavations - Ronnie Elliott and Ranee Wilkinson - Beechmont
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